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  • Netflix Running on the iPhone

    Update: Netflix/Apple/Whomever doesn't appear to like that Netflix was running on the iPhone and it has been disabled.

    We just received a tip from one of our readers going by the name Knisitruck who has successfully gotten Netflix to run on his iPhone 3G. Basically he copied the iPad Netflix app and iPad mediaplayer frameworks to his iPhone, made a few plist edits and changes and got it running!

    As a follow up to the pic I sent you, I wasn't able to get the app working at that time. I needed the mediaplayer frameworks from an iPad [/System/Library/Frameworks/MediaPlayer.framework], thanks to one of your forum members, I was able to get that. Then, it still wouldn't work. Noticing my winterboard theme was overriding the mediaplayer layout I disabled it, retried the app and viola, it worked! All that had to be changed was a couple lines in the applications info.plist file and the mediaplayer frameworks, along with a manual install/permissions. (My other apps requiring mediaplayer still run fine.)

    But, having said that, I see why Netflix hasn't released an iPhone client yet. Reasons why:
    • Huge battery drain - 25% of battery for around 15min of streaming, drains pretty quick while browsing the app as well.
    • Crashing - I suspect memory is the issue here, and also probably because it's made for another device. Happened when browsing too fast through the app(lots of clicks).
    • 3G Speed - Takes forever to load the app and to start streaming (does work though)
    I have attached pics, my camera has a dead battery with a lost charger so no video. Movie pics were some random movie at the top of the list. My phone is an iPhone 3G running 3.1.2(Jailbroken). What this means? Most, if not all, iPad specific apps can be ran on iPhone.
    Maybe not all iPad apps can be run on the iPhone. Turns out the Netflix iPad app appears to have a native iPhone app bundled in with the iPad app, hence the ability to make it work on the iPhone and the different layout for the iPhone etc.

    More details:
    To do this yourself
    • Get app from iTunes, locate/rename ipa to zip and extract.
    • Go into the .app file, located at /appname/Payload/appname.app, (show package contents) and open the info.plist
    • Edit all references of OS version to show iphoneos3.1.2 (or your respective version). Save and close, done there.
    Now, just copied over SSH (with permissions repair and a respring) this will show up on the phone. With Netflix though, it required the mediaplayer frameworks from the iPad. So:
    • SSH, get the mediaplayer frameworks folder from an iPad, located at /System/Library/Frameworks/MediaPlayer.framework
    • Copy that to the same location on an iPhone (I'd suggest backing up the original from your phone just in case). Change permissions to 755 recursive for directories, and then go inside the folder and change the individual file permissions to 644. (Or just recursive 755 to all files/folders on the MediaPlayer.framework folder)
    Now the mediaplayer frameworks are in place, all that's left is a manual install of the app.
    • SSH, go to /private/var/stash/Applications
    • Copy the appname.app file there and change permissions. (I used 777 recursive for simplicity's sake, but I'm sure the normal 775 would work).
    • Launch and have fun.
    That's about it. The way I found out that I needed the frameworks file was from a crash report.

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    1. adityaag's Avatar
      adityaag -
      Quote Originally Posted by antman1 View Post
      Try removing everything ya did and do it again and make sureto repair permissions
      Tried this several times. Removed Netflix.app (that's really all I had to do) and added it back in there setting permissions to 777 recursively. Even tried to change the Info.plist to support iphoneos3.1.2 in 3 places since I figured that might be the issue. Still no luck.

      Anyone else have this issue? Is there anyplace to find crash information?
    1. -_-'s Avatar
      -_- -
      well..this was a dissapointment
    1. Knisitruck's Avatar
      Knisitruck -
      You can find your crash logs in /private/var/logs/CrashReporter if I recall correctly. And also they updated the Netflix app around the 10th of June, I tried the work-around with that release and it seemed to fail. So unless you have the older version of the app, you won't be able to do this. No worries though, they should have the official iPhone app out soon.
    1. nc3g's Avatar
      nc3g -
      This will probably chew your battery to death...not good...
    1. Rinnycoop121's Avatar
      Rinnycoop121 -
      ok i did everything listed when i click on the program it starts to load then i end up on a white page with the red neflix loading screen in the top left conor and it stays there.

      what do i do now?
    1. reyg25atx's Avatar
      reyg25atx -
      I am not sure if any one else is having this issue but I had ported over Netflix iPad app to my iPhone 4 and it worked great! Then today 8/8/2010 there was an update for the User Agent Faker(UAF) from 1.0.1-2 to the newer 1.1 version which adds App List. It is a great idea because (bc) the app list lets you specify UAF to use only the apps you tell it too. However it DOES NOT WORK! It jacked up my Netflix. I even set it to the iPad Agent and made sure sure I turned Netflix app to ON, respring and rebooted and every time no matter what netflix site said my browser cannot support streaming! I tried ALL the settings, still nothing! I even set UAF to custom and enter the string from the old UAF.."Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; U; CPU OS 3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.21.10 (KHTML, like Gecko) version/4.0.4 Mobile/7B367 Safari/531.21.10"...and then respring and rebooted and STILL DID NOT WORK!! if anyone gets UAF 1.1 to work please let me know how you do it. I would like to update bc as it stands now if I do not want UAF to mess up other apps I have to turn it off and on which is a little annoying but not bad. I would like to be able to leave it on and just have it use UAF with Netflix as it is intended to do with UAF 1.1 but it not working for me. I had to find the old UAF 1.0 deb file and reinstall it and my Netflix is working again on my iPhone 4!
    1. Revel's Avatar
      Revel -
      Great job. I could use this and i hear theres a battery issue?
    1. plnkeye21's Avatar
      plnkeye21 -
      Not sure if it's because the upgrade doesn't allow for it, but I cannot have UAfaker and the SBStoggle installed at the same time. If I have one installed, and try and install the other, it will automatically uninstall the other application. When I did get them both installed and I swiped to turn the toggle on my phone went into safe mode and UAfaker was automatically uninstalled. Any ideas?
    1. DirtySocks85's Avatar
      DirtySocks85 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rinnycoop121 View Post
      ok i did everything listed when i click on the program it starts to load then i end up on a white page with the red neflix loading screen in the top left conor and it stays there.

      what do i do now?
      Ditto. Anyone figure out the cause of this one? I thought I followed the step by step perfectly, and yet...
    1. renegaderon's Avatar
      renegaderon -
      I even set it to the iPad Agent and made sure sure I turned Netflix app to ON

      You have to turn it on for Safari in the UAF.
    1. Rinnycoop121's Avatar
      Rinnycoop121 -
      who got this working and who did not?
    1. renegaderon's Avatar
      renegaderon -
      Working great for me.
    1. iamwally's Avatar
      iamwally -
      Got this working great on my iphone4 but can't seem to get it to work on a friends iphone4 and another friends 3GS. On their phones the netflix player just keeps crashing. Is it because I loaded the netflix app from my phone on theirs? In other words, are they going to have to download it from their own iTunes account to get it to work? Or is there something I can do to the one I downloaded to get it to work on their phones?


    1. Bluemoldycheeze88's Avatar
      Bluemoldycheeze88 -
      who long before an official release from apple?
    1. trj111's Avatar
      trj111 -
      is the netflix.ipa file available for download anywhere other than iTunes?
    1. amsgator's Avatar
      amsgator -
      we'll it's back on the iphone as of today...
    1. lizahellen's Avatar
      lizahellen -
      I currently have my TV hooked up to my computer so that whenever I wanna stream something from Netting, I can watch it on the big screen. Now that there's a Netflix app for iphone and ipod touch, I was wondering if connecting my ipod to my TV using A/V cables would work. Has anyone tried this? I'd rather find out before buying the cables since they're gonna run me close to 50 bucks. Thanks in advance to whoever can help.
    1. amsgator's Avatar
      amsgator -
      The TV-out functionality on the Netflix app is compatible only with the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch 4G...so I guess it depends what generation your iPod Touch is. And you have to buy the cables from apple because they have a special chip in them...no going cheap on this.