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  • iPhone Jailbreaking = Job Opportunities

    For one tech-savvy student at George Mason University, iPhone jailbreaking has provided a great opportunity to break the bank. Kevin Lee, a senior studying computer science, says he works full-time as an iPhone jailbreaker, earning upwards of $50,000 a year hacking iPhones that belong to his "customers" - a pool that is widening by the week.

    From a simple ad on Craigslist to a full-fledged business, Kevin Lee was profiled nationally yesterday in The Washington Post because of his successful and lucrative operation. “To be honest, when I first started, I did it for my friends, myself, but it has snowballed from there,” said Lee. “I was getting five to 10 customers a week, now it’s 30 to 40. I just had one customer from the Mongolian embassy who was moving to the capital of Mongolia, and he wanted to use the iPhone there.”

    One has to wonder if all this attention will somehow result in Apple "contacting" Mr. Lee in some fashion about his extracurricular career.

    Still, The Washington Post piece went on to detail how the jailbreak industry is "losing its anti-establishment character." One example of this newfound reality is the recent Toyota campaign that offered a free program on Cydia’s store, promoting the company’s Scion sedan.

    Adding insight to the piece was MMi co-founder Kyle Matthews: “We’ve seen expansion across the board. The Toyota ad and theme, to me, meant there was a turning of the tides and that jailbreaking is becoming more mainstream,” Kyle said. “The industry just keeps increasing; there are even repair stores that will jailbreak for you.”

    To read the full Washington Post article, click here.

    Source: The Washington Post
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    1. isme's Avatar
      isme -
      I agree with this article that charging to jailbreak iDevices is for the SERVICE not the tools. I understand the tools are free but you have to put some times and efforts in order to jailbreak an iDevice. Its just like, if I gave you a shovel for free and ask you to dig a hole for me. Will you do it for free?
    1. son_of_satan666's Avatar
      son_of_satan666 -
      Well people in africa have iPhone and have no idea about restoring them or even just simple problems that can be fixed by rebooting and because these people have paid heaps for the phone they'd rather not mess with it.. Instead pay some one to fix it.. I've made max of 100$ per phone that I fixed or jailbreaked giving free apps worth lots.. And people don't mind paying.. So long as the work is done and on time..

      I'd say it a good business

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    1. epignosis567's Avatar
      epignosis567 -
      Quote Originally Posted by glassJAw View Post
      I hate when people charge for jailbreaking.
    1. epignosis567's Avatar
      epignosis567 -
      Quote Originally Posted by gthugballin View Post
      I have another idea... open a website.. wait for other websites to post news.. then repost that news on your own site... oooooo ****.
    1. Stray's Avatar
      Stray -
      Quote Originally Posted by mikerlx View Post
      How does ATT do that?
      They are acting sarcastic
    1. epignosis567's Avatar
      epignosis567 -
      Quote Originally Posted by glassJAw View Post
      Just think it is really lame and a lot of people will "throw" in cracked apps. I see it all the time on cragislist. "I jailbreak for 25$ and give you 250$ worth of apps" just a bunch of clowns making money off other people's hard work
    1. bignighttrain's Avatar
      bignighttrain -
      What are the Devs saying? has this guy donated to geoHotz fight with Sony?? What if the DevTeams stop giving us free jailbreaks and start charging money they deserve??? All of this is making me think you can't do anything good to help free us the people from the hold the Apple has over our expensive but much needed & most Love idevices.
    1. son_of_satan666's Avatar
      son_of_satan666 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Poseidon79 View Post
      The fee is the charge for a SERVICE which is perfectly acceptable. He's not selling the software. I used to make a few hundred bucks a month doing the same thing but the competition was fierce around here... 4 or 5 people trying to undercut each other until the going rate was $10 or less. What y'all don't understand is these people take up a good 30-45 mins of your time with questions and support.. then you get hundreds of phone calls a week asking about Cydia stuff. Then you get a ridiculous amount of calls from people with phones that can't be unlocked and you have to spend 15 mins with them on the phone trying to explain why. I just gave up! lol
      very very true.. I've spent over an hour explaining a guy why I can't unlock his phone which he wouldn't just understand lol.. Can get annoying.. But I think it's still fun!

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    1. alude904's Avatar
      alude904 -
      Haha. I wish i kept with the business as well. I got to jailbreak a couple iphones for the band the who while they were in jacksonville.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Average American income is about $60k/year. That's $5k/month, $166/day. Figure an 8 hour work day, that's $20.75/hr.

      So somebody pays an hour or two of work to have someone jailbreak their phone rather than learn the whole thing and do it themselves? Seems completely normal to me.
    1. hoqts's Avatar
      hoqts -
      To me, this is nothing special. I seem ppl charging customers for jailbreaking.
      The cell phone stores in Mott Street,NY or Canal Street, NY, you bring a iphone or ipad, they will jailbreak it for 50 dollars. They also fix iphones or change LCD and the back cover for 50 dollars.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Quote Originally Posted by glassJAw View Post
      Just think it is really lame and a lot of people will "throw" in cracked apps. I see it all the time on cragislist. "I jailbreak for 25$ and give you 250$ worth of apps" just a bunch of clowns making money off other people's hard work
      Piracy is lame. Jailbreaking for someone who'd rather not do it themselves, whom you've never met, and who WANTS to pay you for it... call me crazy but I don't see how that's a big deal at all.
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      Quote Originally Posted by cper View Post
      YEAH, Im sure AT&T will unlock your iPhone, I have done it hundreds of time by calling them
      You mean they don't?
      You can call up O2, Vodafone or 3 once you're first 12 months is up (or once you've spent so much on pre-pay) and they'll unlock your iPhone easy peasy and no charge, without the need for jailbreaking and ultrasnow.
    1. Jasonlboggs's Avatar
      Jasonlboggs -
      I see no issue with charging to provide a service. At my work we charge 15-20 dollars to install a battery in a customers car. Could the customer do it on their own? Probably. Many cars come with very common tools, enough to install a battery anyway. However, societies laziness and/or lack of intelligence is what keeps people making money. Time IS money, even if it's just 5 minutes. If I just did free battery installations all day, why would I even offer the service to begin with? What is one to gain for offering free services? Think of it in the business stand point of view. Why even offer your service if you're always doing it for free? Obviously this is all regarding services to complete strangers, and not family/friends. And who's to say $25 is too much? If a customer wants to pay me a hundred to jailbreak his phone, that's his/her choice. It's his/her money, and his/her decision if $100 is too much, not your decision.

      I also disagree with the necessity to donate. Sure it would be a nice gesture to occasionally donate, but not a necessity. Do I pay my auto shop teacher every time I make money from something he taught me? No.

      Mr. Lee is selling his TIME and KNOWLEDGE, and not free software. Who knows, maybe he had to buy a separate phone to keep in contact with all his customers, keeping business and personal phone numbers separate. He certainly won't be able to pay for that phone if he doesn't charge for his time and effort.
    1. Mbeck0265's Avatar
      Mbeck0265 -
      Wow !!! Touchy Subject ? My opinion is that if any one of the people that commented could make that kind of money jailbreaking iPhones we would !
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      I thought if jb was made legal it's greenlight
    1. coolguy742's Avatar
      coolguy742 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Westerman View Post
      Because it's freeware that anyone can download and use, charging to do it for someone is (in my opinion) wrong. I personally have jailbroken every iDevice at my school and for a few other friends free of charge, just because I believe that everyone should have access to the awesomeness called Cydia.
    1. blwallace5's Avatar
      blwallace5 -
      Quote Originally Posted by junya8971 View Post
      I don`t see how you could call this person SMART. Sad thing is, this guy is making money using software he didn`t create and that are free for everyone to use. That is ONE lame way to make money, IMHO
      He isn't selling software, he is selling his time. Fee for services rendered, how do they work??
    1. delizaza23's Avatar
      delizaza23 -
      I will pay for new untethered jailbreak for new devices, I donated $20 for iphone 4 first jailbreak and I will donate $20 for the new baseband UNLOCK.
    1. Mdot80's Avatar
      Mdot80 -
      Hey I know I charge ppl that not good at doing it but what they are paying for is the tech support after the jailbreak