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  • iPhone Jailbreaking = Job Opportunities

    For one tech-savvy student at George Mason University, iPhone jailbreaking has provided a great opportunity to break the bank. Kevin Lee, a senior studying computer science, says he works full-time as an iPhone jailbreaker, earning upwards of $50,000 a year hacking iPhones that belong to his "customers" - a pool that is widening by the week.

    From a simple ad on Craigslist to a full-fledged business, Kevin Lee was profiled nationally yesterday in The Washington Post because of his successful and lucrative operation. “To be honest, when I first started, I did it for my friends, myself, but it has snowballed from there,” said Lee. “I was getting five to 10 customers a week, now it’s 30 to 40. I just had one customer from the Mongolian embassy who was moving to the capital of Mongolia, and he wanted to use the iPhone there.”

    One has to wonder if all this attention will somehow result in Apple "contacting" Mr. Lee in some fashion about his extracurricular career.

    Still, The Washington Post piece went on to detail how the jailbreak industry is "losing its anti-establishment character." One example of this newfound reality is the recent Toyota campaign that offered a free program on Cydia’s store, promoting the company’s Scion sedan.

    Adding insight to the piece was MMi co-founder Kyle Matthews: “We’ve seen expansion across the board. The Toyota ad and theme, to me, meant there was a turning of the tides and that jailbreaking is becoming more mainstream,” Kyle said. “The industry just keeps increasing; there are even repair stores that will jailbreak for you.”

    To read the full Washington Post article, click here.

    Source: The Washington Post
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    1. rayzeur22's Avatar
      rayzeur22 -
      Quote Originally Posted by fventura03 View Post
      i flag those types of posts on craigslist, it angers me
      In case you haven't read all the posts yet, they are charging for the SERVICE, not the product. I'm not just going to waste my time doing this and not get anything out of it.
    1. Stray's Avatar
      Stray -
      So what would the person jailbreaking a complete strangers iphone be?
    1. wljw69's Avatar
      wljw69 -
      hate when people say they hack iphones etc. even tho they never have hacked anything in their life. he didnt make the jailbreak so he shouldnt be making the money. he should just tell them to donate to a iphone dev team, chronic dev team or someone who actually makes them
    1. GrandMstrBud's Avatar
      GrandMstrBud -
      I have jailbroken and unlocked a few for friends and if they want to give me money I let them give me 10 bucks or so or if they ask I'll just say buy me lunch and that will make up for my time. I don't have a problem with people charging a small amount just for the time of doing it but when you charge anywhere over $25 for something that can take 15 minutes then that's a bit steep in my opinion.
    1. fmlouder's Avatar
      fmlouder -
      this guy is a scum bag... useing other peoples work for profit
    1. Stray's Avatar
      Stray -
      Quote Originally Posted by fmlouder View Post
      this guy is a scum bag... useing other peoples work for profit
      Then about half this world are scumbags
    1. glassJAw's Avatar
      glassJAw -
      Just posted on craigslist offering a free jailbreak to anyone who wants it. Will be live in fifteen minutes
    1. maddawg05's Avatar
      maddawg05 -
      I jailbreak idevices for friends and family. I've soft-modded my wii and my kids' DS. My wife keeps telling me I need to start an ad on CL but I'm just too lazy. I just enjoy doing it and figuring it out.
    1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
      feidhlim1986 -
      Quote Originally Posted by iBwizzle View Post
      Anybody who relies on a complete stranger to jailbreak there iPhone is dumb... I wouldn't be surprised if he backed up there data and extract it later!
      So I take it you've never ever paid for a service, something that you could learn to do yourself?

      Quote Originally Posted by fmlouder View Post
      this guy is a scum bag... useing other peoples work for profit
    1. 2006yamahaR6's Avatar
      2006yamahaR6 -
      Quote Originally Posted by gthugballin View Post
      I have another idea... open a website.. wait for other websites to post news.. then repost that news on your own site... oooooo ****.

      I think a touche is in order
    1. cper's Avatar
      cper -
      Quote Originally Posted by STRAYunINFIDEL View Post
      Think of it like this thinking why people are doing this. You can easily call AT&T or T-Mobile and get your phone unlocked. Simple but you are LAZY and if you just pay 25 bucks then it'll be done for you
      YEAH, Im sure AT&T will unlock your iPhone, I have done it hundreds of time by calling them
    1. T40mas's Avatar
      T40mas -
      Oh I did the same thing for people in my class that are too stupid to figure it out for themselves
    1. 2006yamahaR6's Avatar
      2006yamahaR6 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Razz View Post
      It's called capitalism.
      you are definitely right in this instance - it definitely is, but just because it has a label - in this case, capitalism - does that make it morally justifiable behavior?

      the whole subprime mortgage ordeal was completely justified by capitalistic standards - they saw a way to make a quick buck, and they did.

      selling a super high interest rate loan to a family who you know for a fact cannot afford it and will probably lose their home may be acceptable within the realm of capitalism but there isnt a moral authority on earth that will afford it an ounce of justification.

      i'm not gonna lie, i've bought and sold a couple phones here and there to make a bit of cash, but i've never personally charged someone to jailbreak a phone

      as a side note: really? it takes you guys 15 minutes to run redsn0w???? Its 3 clicks and a dfu
    1. TheJailbreakGenius's Avatar
      TheJailbreakGenius -
      Quote Originally Posted by Razz View Post
      So by this logic shouldn't electricians be donating to the estate of ben franklin? I mean after all, it wasn't them that discovered electricity.
      It would be edison
    1. ltjbigshot's Avatar
      ltjbigshot -
      smart kid
    1. junya8971's Avatar
      junya8971 -
      I don`t see how you could call this person SMART. Sad thing is, this guy is making money using software he didn`t create and that are free for everyone to use. That is ONE lame way to make money, IMHO
    1. DisneyRicky's Avatar
      DisneyRicky -
      Smart Kid.
    1. daytonaviolet's Avatar
      daytonaviolet -
      there are millions of things that are FREE if your willing to learn and do it yourself. everyone makes $$$ off of other peoples lack of interest or ability to learn. he's charging for his experience, not for the DEV tools he uses.

      im sure he donates.
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      Quote Originally Posted by cper View Post
      YEAH, Im sure AT&T will unlock your iPhone, I have done it hundreds of time by calling them
      How does ATT do that?
    1. kadernal's Avatar
      kadernal -
      people are getting salty for no reason.

      first off everyone here is a member of modmyi, a site specifically about iphones with lots of stuff about jailbreaking. Obviously jailbreaking seems pretty simple to do once you have done it a bunch of times. but **GASP** there are people that dont spend their times on forums reading up about the newest jailbreak for the newest firmware because they simply couldn't care less. paying a small fee for someone to do it is not a big deal to them. all you have to do is look around the forums for people freaking out because they bricked their phone somehow, and realize that this is a viable market.

      What would you say to the support guy who charges someone $100/hr+ to install software updates and other minor things like running ccleaner or whatever other freely available tool to clean up a computer? this is no different.

      some people will always be willing to pay to have even the easiest task made easier for them.