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  • 'Wake Info' Makes Your Device Spew Useful Information When You Dismiss an Alarm

    Rather than just having your iOS device wake you up from sleeping, why not have your iOS device wake you up from sleeping and then say something useful when you acknowledge the alarm? A new free jailbreak tweak called Wake Info by iOS developer merdok makes your iOS device tell you all kinds of information after you dismiss or snooze an alarm. The tweak can have the device speak any the following information to you that you want when you dismiss or snooze an alarm:

    • The temperature of your current location
    • The status of your battery
    • The events you have scheduled for the day (Calendar)
    • The unread e-mails you have
    • The missed calls you have
    • The unread text messages you have
    • The date and time
    • The city you're in
    • A custom message of your choice

    Apart from allowing you to have the device tell you all kinds of information, you can also have a separate speech setting for snoozing the alarm than what the device would say if you dismissed the alarm. This is useful, because we usually use the snooze feature when we are acknowledge the alarm, but aren't quite ready to get up yet, while we use the dismiss feature as soon as we are ready to wake up.

    The tweak can also put badges on the Clock application icon to indicate how many active alarms you have, and when the tweak gives you information about your iOS device after dismissing or snoozing an alarm, the device can display the information being spoken via banner notification just like shown above. All of the tweak's settings can be configured from the Wake Info preferences pane in the Settings application:

    Users will be able to enable and disable the tweak on demand, as well as enable or disable banner notifications and enable or disable showing a badge on the clock application for the number of active alarms. After choosing the tweak’s features, the user can then configure what the device will say when they snooze an alarm, and what the device will say when they dismiss an alarm – these are two separate functions and therefore have two separate speech panes. You can make them say the same thing, or something different. Lastly, the user can adjust the speech volume, and the language.

    In a way, the tweak is very similar to another tweak by the same developer called Awake Speech, however rather than just writing a message that the device will speak when you dismiss or snooze an alarm, Wake Info can actually tell you information about your device, which is completely customizable. To us, Wake Info is a much more useful tweak than Awake Speech.

    Wake Info is currently free in Cydia right now, so if you also think it will be useful for you, you can grab it and give it a try!

    Name: Wake Info
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0.0
    Requirements: iOS 5+
    Repo: BigBoss
    Developer: merdok
    Editor's Rating: / 4.5/5
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    1. GeoffS4's Avatar
      GeoffS4 -
      Wakeinfo on iOS 7 (version 1.5.0) causes my icons/apps to disappear. I just upgraded the app (1/6/2014) and found this problem.

      I must reboot (power + home), then select camera from the lock screen, then home screen out of the camera. This at least allows me to run the phone...and remove the app.

      Does anyone else have this problem?
    1. fsemeraro's Avatar
      fsemeraro -
      This is an awesome App

      The Temperature and City are not my location. How do I change that?

    1. Sting013's Avatar
      Sting013 -
      I have the same problem with the city and temp