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  • ProSwitcher : A Free and OpenSource Multitasking App for the iPhone

    Say What? A Free and OpenSource Multitasking App? What about multifl0w you say? Hope you didn't think that was going to be the last multitasking app to come to the iPhone. A few days ago we got wind of some screenshots and information for the new app.

    chpwn & Ryan Petrich, developer of OverBoard, has announced ProSwitcher, another Palm Web OS inspired utility to navigate through the applications running in the background on your iPhone, much like MultiFl0w does, only much easier, faster and more intuitive. And to top it all off, it's FREE and OpenSource! The app is also being developed with the help of . The project actually started out as PreSwitcher, but the chpwn thought the name may cause some trouble, so now we have ProSwitcher.

    The app will use a library called libactivator and allow you to select from a number of gestures such as flick to close, swipe to scroll, tap to open. The app is said to use very little memory and only runs what is needed.

    No word on official release, probably a few weeks, but you can easily find the beta or visit Ryan's hub here: rpetrich's Profile - GitHub. And obviously you will need a Jailbroken iPhone.

    Thanks to ltjbigshot & n00neimp0rtant for the tips!

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    1. RGee's Avatar
      RGee -
      Quote Originally Posted by allessence View Post
      I've installed it but it continues to crash into safe mode. Any body have any idea as to the reason why. Any known conflicts with other apps?
      same here
    1. MFDOOM44's Avatar
      MFDOOM44 -
      multifl0w crashed on me acouple times already and i think it would be pretty cool if instead of a plain black background, it should use the current screen but dimmed.

      but anyways, i'm looking forward to pro-switcher! especially since its free
    1. allessence's Avatar
      allessence -
      I installed 1.1 and then removed it. Not only once but like 4 times. this was both with Cydia install package and with Rockapps packages.

      Then I went directly to RPetri.ch Repo and tried the 1.2~alpha~3
      without any luck.

      Last time I tried it at Rockapp it asked to uninstall a ton of apps to install the proswitcher and then failed to launch.

      So uninstalled it again.

      I had a Palm pre plus for 29Days then returned it. I really loved the fast switching and was easy and intuitive to use unlike the Apple multitasking with all the buttons. This would be my only major complaint about the Iphone.

      I use it for business and is the reason I got rid of the Pre. Wasn't backwards comatible with Palm OS.

      I installed Multiflow this morning. Hope to install Proswitcher though.
    1. iPhoneThereforeIAm's Avatar
      iPhoneThereforeIAm -
      The reason I only want Circuitous is because the main thing I really need MT'ing for (even on my i4) is closing apps down - and NOTHING comes close to the Circuitous dock at the bottom, from which it's child's play to close apps down with a short upward flick of the finger.
      Sure it's nice to have whole-page app 'icons' in PS and MF - but shutting them down is a PITA .... truly a triumph of form over function.

      Plus, you can invoke the Circuitous dock from its homescreen icon (BIG plus - since I hate having to double-click the home button to invoke PS and MF).
      Plus to exit the Circuitous dock, all you have to do is touch the homescreen above it.

      I really don't care about PS and MF - just bring on Circuitous for iOS4.

      Yeah babeah!
    1. Ariefiano's Avatar
      Ariefiano -
      Do i need pc to install ProSwitcher?