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  • 3GS Jailbreak - redsn0w 0.8 - DevTeam Style

    While geohot may have beaten the DevTeam to a 3GS jailbreak, they were not far behind - redsn0w 0.8 (the DevTeam's official jailbreak tool for all 3.0+ iDevices) has just been released, and is compatible with the iPhone 3GS.

    Oh, and check it out - works on Linux too!

    EDIT: To clarify, this is NOT compatible with 3.1 - 3.0 only.

    redsn0w is a easy to use, multi-platform, multi-device jailbreaking and unlocking tool for the iPhone 2G (original iPhone), the iPhone 3G/3GS and also the iPod touch(1st generation and second generation). Currently it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
    Windows Guide HERE
    OS X Guide HERE

    The downloads are available via:
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    1. Neo-Tech's Avatar
      Neo-Tech -
      I doubt it's SBS, are you using official carrier or are you using ultrasn0w?
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Quote Originally Posted by Neo-Tech View Post
      I doubt it's SBS, are you using official carrier or are you using ultrasn0w?
      Im using my official carrier. I popped my sim card out and placed it into my iPhone 2G and with MMS installed through Cydia, MMS works fine. I can send to my self and others, plus receive.
      So I tried my 3GS with official carrier and its freezing at sending for like hours LOL Nothing works... Could it be the jailbreak Redsn0w 0.8? My iPhone 2G is JB with Redsn0w 0.7.2 and works fine.
      Right now im trying to restore my 3GS to FW 3.0 and NOT JB, ill test MMS and see if it works.

      Any other ideas????

      I appreciate ur help, thanks

      UPDATE: I restored 3GS to FW3.0 and instantly tried to send MMS without touching anything, it works! So something to do with jailbreak...? Im going to JB now and try again after wards, ill comment back.

      UPDATE 2: I just JB 3GS with FW3.0 and let the iPhone restart. I didnt do anything else and sent a MMS and it worked. So could OpenSSH, SBSettings or any ideas what can be causing this problem? Im going to keep trying other stuff and will let ya know if I figure it out lol
    1. Neo-Tech's Avatar
      Neo-Tech -
      Lol, might have been a bad JB, who knows? :P

      Also, what jailbreak did you use? Purplera1n on redsn0w?
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      lol Ya but I think I know figured out the problem!
      Im using Redsn0w 0.8 and it worked like 30 times I have jailbroken my iPhone(s) and a few others.
      So I JB iPhone 3GS, redsn0w 0.8, installed openssh,SBSettings, MMS still working!
      Instead of me backing up/restore my iPhone to iTunes again, I just SSH into mobile/library/SMS and replaced my SMS folder with my older one that had the .db files and folders. Is this causing the problem, a plist file or something? Im not to sure how they work, but I replaced the SMS folder with my backed up SMS folder so I still have all my SMS saved. Now I noticed this is when the freezing starts! So my problem is there but Im curious to why or which files is acting up?
      Reason for this is because I DO NOT want to backup from an older iTunes but start all fresh again. So the SSH of the older files is causing this. U know y?
      Hope this makes sense... LOL
    1. Neo-Tech's Avatar
      Neo-Tech -
      It makes sense. Hmm...I manually do my backups (SSH) and my SMS works fine :/
      However, when I restore my SMS file and I open up the Messages.app, I get the Apple Logo and a Loading Bar which suggests to me it is updating the file. Don't know why it doesn't do it for you :/
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Thats weird y I get bad luck when SSH LOL
      I did get that Apple logo and loading bar before for a few times and now I never get it...
      Whan u SSH ur backup SMS.app, do u SSH just the .DB files or all files and folders? There 2 folders and sometimes 2 files. Folders are from MMS only, saving ur pictures for certain contacts, etc.

      Thanks man!
    1. Neo-Tech's Avatar
      Neo-Tech -
      I just backup the SMS.db and thats it, also check the permissions!
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Ya thats what I only did now to and it worked. I guess something to do with the folders and files from the MMS was causing my problem, maybe ill read an issues like this down the road lol
      I appreciate ur help, thanks bud.
    1. iN2K's Avatar
      iN2K -
      I downloaded the 3GS jailbreak from someone elses PC, WINXP, to jailbreak their 3GS. The process took me through the 3G DFU. Is there were the files mixed up? I checked and it said redsn0w 0.8 on the top but it told me to do the DFU walkthrought like the 3G.

      Any idea why the 0.8 install tried to run as if it were a 3G jailbreak?
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Hold on, WHAT? The redsn0w jailbreak for 3gs is indeed a Jailbreak, it will appear to run the same way. Just do what it says or use purplera1n.....
    1. iN2K's Avatar
      iN2K -
      I re-ran the jailbreak program from my laptop up to the point to where it asked to plug in holding the home bottom. Same version as what i had downloaded on the other laptop. But on the other laptop it asked me to do the jailbreak process for a 3G...weird.
    1. djjessejames's Avatar
      djjessejames -
      still having problems with this 3gs 3.0 JB.
      have done at least 100 3g JB's w/ 3.0 NEVER ANY PROBLEMS ON THIS SAME 'PUTER.

      I get to the the screen where it says preparing to jailbreak and goes no further? I am not new to this so have tried ALOT of diff. ideas.

      Also it is giving me the first pop up ever saying that the DFU would work faster on a usb 2.0 powered port? All my ports are powered and have NEVER had this pop up ever JBing ANY other phones.

      Goes thru kernal and does its thing then gets stuck at the preparing to jailbreak screen. Phone stays black and needs a hard reset. Plus this pop up is bugging me and it has been 4 weeks since getting the 3Gs and I am outta ideas and so bored with my new phone.

      Can someone please give me some advise or new ideas on why this is happening? I am very frusterated.

      Please help. Thank You.

      ok so if redsn0w is failing and I just wanna JB what prog. 2 use?

      Or am I stuck with doing an UNLOCK and JB???

      This weak Vanilla look is driving me CrAzY! 4 Weeks with a 3Gs!

      PLEASE HELP A GUY OUT I hate my new phone cuz it will NOT JB ):

      please and thank you
    1. djjessejames's Avatar
      djjessejames -
      4 real no one will help me?????
    1. PCeasar's Avatar
      PCeasar -
      I say if you don't purplera1n then I can't help ya.... Just kidding I'm ask stealthbravo he's usually a helpful guy but you really should try purplera1n
    1. djjessejames's Avatar
      djjessejames -
      What have u incountered for problems? I was just gonna wait till somin newer or patches come out, but damn this thing is hard to look at and enjoy anymore, might have to take a calulated risk

      I wish i could really get an answer or suggestions on my usb port error reports after running (or trying to run redsn0w.)

      I know this is messing up DFU mode for sure, what to do to prevent the JB from running into that stumble then crash.

      Like the past post I have NEVER had the error message while doing any sn0w JB (the three sequence button press, hold blah blah.) NEVER

      OK so how many people use PR to just JB and how stable is it? I read BETA?

      Is that right? If so that ALMOST will not get run on my phone but man, this 3Gs 32gb phone just aint tha same tho, should be loving it and is not doing it for me.

      So someone please tip me off on any user info and if someone know what the f is the port deal I am having is all about take a stab at it.

      Bland Iconized and Jailed in Canada...
    1. StealthBravo's Avatar
      StealthBravo -
      I have been running purplera1n since the release. It is a good and stable jailbreak. If I were you, I would simply try it. As far as your problems with redsn0w are concerned, when it hangs up, have you tried to unplug the phone and plug it back in? I have heard that has solved a lot of peoples problems with redsn0w. Good Luck
    1. djjessejames's Avatar
      djjessejames -
      It is strange I went out and all I could think was why didnt I PM you and ask YOUR preferance when I posted that last one.

      I come into my house and headed straight for my office to PM you and you have already responded. Cheers mate.

      Yes I have tried the phone plug in plug out, no go. Tried at least 12 different times with diff. methods to make redsn0w work and it get hung same place every time. It kinda p.o.ed me seeing i have used all the past dev sn0ws to do lots of phones. Not one problem.

      I am not a rammy or impaient person but if you think PR will work and devteam is not gonna release an updated version soon I will give it a shot of course on your advise of course, thanks.

      Seeing I have never used it whats so different?
      Cydia is on so you must get diff guis, five icon docks and rows?
      Also things like dtunes and toggles and the like?
      I dont know the JB prog. and how it differs. I wish to learn is why I ask

      Also I have found so various sources.

      Which link to the most current and stable source? purplera1n.com prob yes? Stupid, have my moments. lol

      I think I found the guide to install but a link to the most recent? Would that be the one on here?

      Thanks a million, I look forward to a responce then JBing with PR.
      Afterwords I will post back my results. I am sure they will be positive
      I just want a little more info so I can fill my heads HD a little further. Knowledge is power after all.
    1. smuggler's Avatar
      smuggler -
      actually using a intel mac with redsn0w 0.8, i found it was compatible with 3.0.1, unlike purplesn0w and ra1n
    1. djjessejames's Avatar
      djjessejames -
      Do I have to give up at this point?
      Same probs with redsn0w and worried bout running the rain.

      I think I will just try it.
      First I would love to know the differences on the two and what I will encounter that P.R. is lacking?

      Please respond someone, I will run wit it after I get this last question answered.

      Thank you.


      Hell ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Been waiting 5 months for a patch or rework of redsn0w to jb my 3gs with as I have always had sucess with sn0w jbs. Finaly desided to try PR and wow!!!
      Hella easy and worked second time! Redsn0w was attemped again before and it was prob close to 100 trys with it with 0% luck.
      I am so stoked.
      Thanks for the poll and getting me to change mind. I know it has been posted 4 months but it was reading it again that had me try out tha ra1n. I would have NEVER used a beta but again... wow. now to turn this boring Apple device into somewhat of my own creations... FU*KIN' WOOOO....
    1. annur's Avatar
      annur -
      upgraded my 3GS to 3.1 how do I downgrade please