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  • 3GS Jailbreak - redsn0w 0.8 - DevTeam Style

    While geohot may have beaten the DevTeam to a 3GS jailbreak, they were not far behind - redsn0w 0.8 (the DevTeam's official jailbreak tool for all 3.0+ iDevices) has just been released, and is compatible with the iPhone 3GS.

    Oh, and check it out - works on Linux too!

    EDIT: To clarify, this is NOT compatible with 3.1 - 3.0 only.

    redsn0w is a easy to use, multi-platform, multi-device jailbreaking and unlocking tool for the iPhone 2G (original iPhone), the iPhone 3G/3GS and also the iPod touch(1st generation and second generation). Currently it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
    Windows Guide HERE
    OS X Guide HERE

    The downloads are available via:
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    1. muffpirate's Avatar
      muffpirate -
    1. SharpieBandit's Avatar
      SharpieBandit -
      So after work, I'll be restoring and then re-jailbreaking with redsn0w just in case GeoHot missed something with his jailbreak.
    1. Brick James's Avatar
      Brick James -
      Thank you very much.
    1. trialnterror's Avatar
      trialnterror -
      I used geohots , it was fun for beta but hopfully this one is the real deal!!!!!! Ya
    1. metaljay's Avatar
      metaljay -
      glad they releaed it, but is there any diff from purplera1n jailbreak?
    1. xserve2's Avatar
      xserve2 -
      Just to get all things clear at the start - DOES this software jailbreak 3.1 beta ? UPDATE: It doesn't !!
      "Unable to recognize specified IPSW."
    1. metaljay's Avatar
      metaljay -
      no its only for 3.0, they do not support the beta's till they are final
    1. Real_Iphonecrazy's Avatar
      Real_Iphonecrazy -
      geohots jailbraik (purplera1n) has been tested by many tens of thousands, if he'd missd somethng I'm sure it would have been picked up by now. If anything Redsn0w could need updating once the masses start using/testing it.
    1. kyp421's Avatar
      kyp421 -
      cydia doesnt work with this jailbreak... it opens and the springboard automatically restarts..
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      why didnt they make this front page on their website
    1. weazle23's Avatar
      weazle23 -
      ok just tried it. seems a bit easier than their previous jailbreaks but nothing compared to the purplera1n. i unchecked add cydia and icy since i already had them. everything seemed to be working fine. i installed updated ultrasn0w and rebboted device. when it rebooted a window popped up that said my springboard had crashed i was in safe mode. so i clicked the restart button and it restarted to my springboard there i had wifi but no phone signal. so i uninstalled ultrasn0w and rebooted everything is working fine now.
    1. merkaba's Avatar
      merkaba -
      has anyone tried voipover3g yet?
    1. Melech518's Avatar
      Melech518 -
      Im sticking with Geohot....So far a flawless problem free jailbreak on his end whereas you guys are already reporting problems with Redsn0w...
    1. weazle23's Avatar
      weazle23 -
      installed voipover3g to check it. everythings working fine.
    1. thedanks's Avatar
      thedanks -
      curious to know if tricker3g works but i am sure it doesn't
    1. gruk's Avatar
      gruk -
      What's the proper way to use redsn0w if the iphone has been jailbroken by purplerain? Can I just run redsn0w or should a full restore be done first?

    1. Bleeditout2130's Avatar
      Bleeditout2130 -
      But, but I thought they were waiting.....

      /rolls eyes
    1. yoTelefonoCuatro's Avatar
      yoTelefonoCuatro -
    1. Tommypickles's Avatar
      Tommypickles -
      Quote Originally Posted by weazle23 View Post
      installed voipover3g to check it. everythings working fine.

      Did you try the app store? voipover3g and tricker 3g crash the app store for me still.
    1. yoTelefonoCuatro's Avatar
      yoTelefonoCuatro -
      Quote Originally Posted by Melech518 View Post
      Im sticking with Geohot....So far a flawless problem free jailbreak on his end whereas you guys are already reporting problems with Redsn0w...
      i had many a flaw with purplera1n.
      i actually restored yesterday from all the problems I was having.
      I am about to run redsn0w..

      i trust the dev-team more.
      seems like they would have been more thorough.