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  • Grip - Growl for iPhone

    Already released in beta stages through their Google Code page, the guys at networkpx (creators of iKeyEx) are nearly ready to release Grip, a Growl look-alike for iPhone. If you don't know about Growl, you're probably not using a Mac. Growl provides system notifications (and tons of application notifications as well) in a sleek HUD themeable style.

    From a translated blog post we see there's currently two notification methods:

    • Using a text pop-up box that appears in the screen must be to relate to, and decide what you want to do.
    • Use of voice messages by using Tziltzol (sic - looks like translator isn't perfect ) or vibration.

    No definite word on release date - just "Soon we expect a very big surprise וטובה! "

    Once they're ready to release you should see it on Cydia.

    thanks to ares07 for the tip
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    1. sn0ws's Avatar
      sn0ws -
      thanks for the heads up I love growl
    1. brandon250r's Avatar
      brandon250r -
      thats a neat idea
    1. ares07's Avatar
      ares07 -
      poetic_folly, why are you quoting badly translated stuff, when on the project page there is complete information for devs and users, in proper english???

      GriP - networkpx - Users' and Developers' guide to GriP ? Growl for iPhone. - Google Code

      Besides, i created a thread about it yesterday
    1. skeredmobile's Avatar
      skeredmobile -
      looks awesome. trying the beta out now
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      ares - thanks for the link! Yah, meant to add your name in there for the tip - I'll edit in a while!
    1. ares07's Avatar
      ares07 -
      no prob
    1. JStraitiff's Avatar
      JStraitiff -

      one can only hope that its as widely supported as growl
    1. mikerlx's Avatar
      mikerlx -
      very nice
    1. rwin84's Avatar
      rwin84 -
      Thats a great idea. I use elert for my emails which works very similiarly. i love it. elert is the only thing worth a crap on that "rock your phone" app store (its free)
    1. ares07's Avatar
      ares07 -
      now you can avoid using RYP then
    1. lightmaster's Avatar
      lightmaster -
      Is there a way to make GriP show you notifications for email? I have elert, but I don't like it at all. Elert alway freezes up my iTouch for a second or so and the close button on it doesn't really work. I'd much prefer being able to use GriP instead of elert.
    1. acaijr73's Avatar
      acaijr73 -
      Just installed GRip
    1. marlon0923's Avatar
      marlon0923 -
      Is there a video on how to install this on your iphone or ipod touch. is there a youtube video on it.
    1. lightmaster's Avatar
      lightmaster -
      When I first installed it, I didn't get any notifications. After I rebooted, I get them now.
    1. marlon0923's Avatar
      marlon0923 -
      how do you install
    1. dapengi's Avatar
      dapengi -
      To install:

      Download the .deb file.

      Put it WHEREVER you want in the iPhone by SSH, then open terminal and go to that location. You can put it in /var/mobile so when you start MobileTerminal, you're already there.

      Now, you'll need super user privileges. If you are sending the command through SSH and logged in as root, you already have super privileges.

      If not, you can do:

      $ su
      $ [your password, most likely "alpine"]
      Now you have super user privileges.

      Now run, assuming you didn't rename it:

      $ dpkg -i hk.kennytm.grip-0.1-11e.deb
      If you have sudo installed, instead of the $ su, $ password, you can do:

      $ sudo dpkg -i hk.kennytm.grip-0.1-11e.deb
      $ [password]
      If you renamed it, then it'd be:

      $ dpkg -i FILENAME.deb
    1. lightmaster's Avatar
      lightmaster -
      To install:

      1. Download GriP from the networkpx google page.
      2. Copy the .deb file to your iPhone/iTouch using SSH.
      3. SSH into your phone as root and navigate to wherever you stored the .deb file at.
      4. Run the following commands to install:
      dpkg -i ./hk.kennytm.grip-0.1-11e.deb
      5. Reboot your iPhone/iTouch once its done and then your good to go.

      EDIT: dapengi, you beat me by just a few minutes.
    1. eloytoro's Avatar
      eloytoro -
      Holy!! Growl owns!!!!!!
    1. marlon0923's Avatar
      marlon0923 -
    1. marcoiac's Avatar
      marcoiac -
      I love Growl, can't live without it on my Mac, and I asked for Growl for iPhone a long time ago. However, now I can't think of practical use of Growl on iPhone. Don't we get notifications anyway for a lot of things? Also, I installed something (can't remember the name, a long time ago) that makes the iPhone vibrate when I haven't read an SMS or missed a call. Can you guys give me some practical examples of notifications that Growl gives you on the iPhone and you would not get otherwise?