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  • Grip - Growl for iPhone

    Already released in beta stages through their Google Code page, the guys at networkpx (creators of iKeyEx) are nearly ready to release Grip, a Growl look-alike for iPhone. If you don't know about Growl, you're probably not using a Mac. Growl provides system notifications (and tons of application notifications as well) in a sleek HUD themeable style.

    From a translated blog post we see there's currently two notification methods:

    • Using a text pop-up box that appears in the screen must be to relate to, and decide what you want to do.
    • Use of voice messages by using Tziltzol (sic - looks like translator isn't perfect ) or vibration.

    No definite word on release date - just "Soon we expect a very big surprise וטובה! "

    Once they're ready to release you should see it on Cydia.

    thanks to ares07 for the tip
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    1. Sk8r789456's Avatar
      Sk8r789456 -
      someone need to update this
    1. cpjr's Avatar
      cpjr -
      Whenever I open a grip alert on the lockscreen (I have intelliscreen as well).....it throws intelliscreen on the springboard, kinda cool.....kinda annoying.
    1. kwickone's Avatar
      kwickone -
      Quote Originally Posted by ares07 View Post
      Once RYP supports push notifications, has a quick access message log like GriP, and stops being a freaking pain in the *** for system stability, you come here again, and we might listen.
      LOL, yeah, sorry for hijacking the thread...but had to give my 2 cents since you bashed some of my fav apps! For me, they work perfect and stable...anyway, back on topic everyone. kwickone OUT.
    1. ares07's Avatar
      ares07 -
      GriP dev is finally back! And he just announced iNotifyEx to be GriPīs more powerfull replacement, based on Android notifications

      mobilegeekdom: iNotifyEx - GriP replacement coming! Notification system for iPhone!
    1. ifonemodz's Avatar
      ifonemodz -
      I have the latest version of this in my repo. apt.ifonemodz.co.cc
    1. mclark2112's Avatar
      mclark2112 -
      Any new news on this?
    1. unoimkewl's Avatar
      unoimkewl -
      help?! i installed grip using cydia and no notifications work for me. not even email.
    1. floridaguy's Avatar
      floridaguy -
      Okay.. I had this on my phone, updated. Can't find it again or a repo that works. I loved GriP. Any body have a clue of a repo that has this that works?? Thanks!
    1. jordanemmet's Avatar
      jordanemmet -
      just download the .deb file and install it through SSH and terminal

      GriP - networkpx - Users' and Developers' guide to GriP ? Growl for iPhone. - Project Hosting on Google Code
    1. floridaguy's Avatar
      floridaguy -
      Hi Jordanemmet-

      I did that and although it shows up, it doesn't work quite right with the new os. It won't allow the width change, or expanded view and when you go to set any of the per priority settings, it throws you back to the springboard. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it!