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  • Developer Adrian Hamelink Releases CustomGrid 2 and MultiDock

    Those of you looking to pack more icons per square inch on your home screen may have tried a tweak called CustomGrid in the past. The developer of CustomGrid, Adrian Hamelik, has just launched CustomGrid 2 (iOS 6+) with support for iOS 6. The tweak has been re-written and includes a lot of new features. CustomGrid is, in many ways, a direct competitor with More Icons.

    CustomGrid 2 lets you control the amount of applications per row and per column on your home screen, in your folders, on your dock, and in your App Switcher. In addition, you'll be able to select the spacing in between applications, hide or show application icon labels, and enjoy your themes more than ever with these awesome layout options:

    After changing any of your options, you can tap on the respring button at the bottom of the preferences pane to save your changes. CustomGrid 2 (iOS 6+) is 99 in the BigBoss repository, however existing owners of the original CustomGrid can download the new version for free.

    In addition to CustomGrid 2, Adrian has also released MultiDock, a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows the user to modify the amount of icons in the dock:

    MultiDock will not just stuff all the applications on the small glass dock at the bottom of the display, rather, multiple rows of application icons can be made to stick onto to the display as you page through your home screen pages. This is a great feature for those that can never decide what four applications to put on the dock because they love so many of their applications. The tweak is also fully compatible with CustomGrid 2, so you can create the perfect layout for yourself.

    Users can also go minimalist-style and remove the dock altogether.

    From the MultiDock preferences pane, you'll be able to easily enable and disable the tweak on demand, choose the number of rows and icons per row, and then respring to save your changes:

    MultiDock is available in the BigBoss repository of Cydia for $1.99.

    Both tweaks are completely compatible with iOS 6, with each other, and can be installed on iPhones, iPod touches, or iPads!

    Note: CustomGrid 2 will be receiving an update in the next 24 hours that fixes a small bug with the folders options; the update will be free for those that buy the tweak, or have bought the original version of the tweak in the past. If you have any issues, please wait for this update!

    Sources: Adrian Hamelik
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