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  • iPhoneModem - Extremely Easy 3G Tethering in OS X

    Addition released their application iPhoneModem Saturday through the MMi Cydia source. They describe it as "an application for the iPhone that aims at making it really easy to use the iPhone's internet connection on your computer," and they deliver.

    A while back, we posted a how to on tethering the iPhone using NateTrue's method - which required some command line knowledge and a few network tweaks on your OS X box. Until now, this was pretty much the easiest way to tether your 3G iPhone (and still is a great method which only takes a few minutes).

    iPhoneModem makes tethering a 10 second process. I've been testing it the past few hours, and its incredibly well-designed and functional. For those of you running OS X Leopard (iPhoneModem is actively working on the desktop client for MacOS 10.4 and Microsoft Windows, as well as a 1.x iPhone version of the app), you simply install their Leopard app (200kb .dmg direct download), open it, and press connect. This will automatically create an ad-hoc network named iPhoneModem on your Mac.

    Then, on your iPhone, go to your settings and join the iPhoneModem network.

    Once connected, open the iPhoneModem app on the iPhone. It will automatically connect (assuming you've got the iPhoneModem running on your Mac), and that's it - you're tethered. Open Safari on your Mac, you should be browsing already.

    It's really that simple. I've tested it on both my MacBook and MacBook Pro, with no issues at all. Browsing over 3G is of course fast, and battery draining. Make sure your iPhone is plugged in.

    The Addition devs note:

    If you can use the web, using Safari, but other Internet applications are not working:
    - make sure that the application you are using supports a "Socks Proxy" and see how you can enable it, for example Firefox does not look at the System Preferences and you have to manually configure it on it's own preferences dialog.
    Their original plan was to release through AppStore, but Apple has yet to approve their request, which was made in July of 08. Also, Apple has a shaky history of approving tethering apps (remember NetShare's approved, pulled, approved, pulled antics?)

    The app is shareware, with a $9.99 (PayPal only) price to remove the annoying registration nags (well spent for the quality of this app). The registration codes are based on IMEI.

    Nice job, Addition.

    edit: previous issues of security have been resolved in current version (2.0.0+).

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    1. xfsasx's Avatar
      xfsasx -
      Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
      Another reason to jailbreak. I'm just gonna wait until it's on Installer, then jb my iphone. Cydia takes WAY too long getting back to homscreen after instaling/uninstalling something.
      its because cydia is respringing in the background...

      when you actually get back to the home screen after cydia you dont have to respring.

      Installer is different, it installs and then when your done resprings

      its about the same time for both

      cydia imo is much more stable/faster
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Quote Originally Posted by A.T View Post
      Another reason to jailbreak. I'm just gonna wait until it's on Installer, then jb my iphone. Cydia takes WAY too long getting back to homscreen after instaling/uninstalling something.
      People still use Installer?
    1. phoenix.stu's Avatar
      phoenix.stu -
      Quote Originally Posted by poetic_folly View Post
      People still use Installer?
      HAHAHA. I had the same thoughts.
    1. arnibob's Avatar
      arnibob -
      good day sir i just wanna ask you about this modem i dont have a credit card or the paypal so i can pay i want to by the code so i can used it so i will not change my sim jst to connect to my loptop can you help me pls i will pay cash and one thing there is a donation on other apps but it still the same i cannot donated or pay. it works in iphone 16 gig or only in 3g? tnx... godspeed happy ramadan!!!

      i have a ibm loptop (xp) and a iphone 2d 16gig how to connect it and how can i pay if i dont have a visa or master card or if it is free how will it become free? i dont have a landline or wifi connection so im depending on edge it will work olso? and by the way tnx to you all in advane and all who think of the apps you help me lot coz im a alone working in kuwait this is the anly way i can be happy and busy tnx again.... godspeed.... happy ramadan
    1. dallasnights's Avatar
      dallasnights -
      anyone have the instructions to make it wokr with Windows Vista

      Thanks all
    1. marcoxyz's Avatar
      marcoxyz -
      And it ist complete insecure... Wow without WEP without SSH... Discovering iPhone by an Bonjour network Address room... How crasy...

      Use the REAL iPhoneModem this People sucks completly. No nag screen its real free and today we have an update with an Background Application on iphone. You can make calls and what ever you want when you tethering your iPhone..


      Ciao Marco
    1. jabbawalkee's Avatar
      jabbawalkee -
      Is it okay to use this if you have AT&T? Because I'm pretty sure that you aren't allowed to tether if you are on ATT and its very easy to find out..
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Use with moderation. Don't be torrenting the latest season of Lost in HD, and keep it to emergency browsing, and you should be fine.

      Of course, caveat emptor - it technically is against AT&T data policy, so careful.
    1. LarryInAz's Avatar
      LarryInAz -
      Are the iPhone and computer communicating via WiFi or bluetooth?
      If bluetooth I'd be curious if I could connect to the network using my TomTom 920? I had paid for their "Plus Services" so I could get traffic updates when I had my ATT Tilt but now can't do this with my iPhone.

      I'm not saying I"d give up my iPhone to get traffic updates but it would be nice to have both.
    1. WillyDavidK's Avatar
      WillyDavidK -
      It's using an ad-hoc wifi network directly between your mac/iPhone.

      I noticed it shows the amount of traffic on the app, does anyone know a good rule of thumb for a reasonable amount of traffic to use before worrying about big brother finding out?
    1. imnew2hu's Avatar
      imnew2hu -
      1, Worked as listed
      2. no stupid directions that over complicate it.
      3. Tested on edge and was happy to see 244 kps down speeds on average.

      Nice work will chip in 9.99 this is a useful app

      Congrats to the author and MMI for reporting..
    1. absorber1's Avatar
      absorber1 -
      looking for windows xp guide ??

      I am with rogers and pay $30 for 6G , so screw them , I want to use all 6G
    1. marcoxyz's Avatar
      marcoxyz -
      Our iPhone Background App is ready we hope it is Tomorrow in Cydia. I write tomorrow/today mornig a Tutorial for Windows and for Mac with all Applikations: Mail, FTP, HTTP and Chat

      Ciao Marco

      @imnew2hu Yes no stupid directions and no stupid security thats all what clever people need. And the most important thing is: Hey man you can pay for that... when you also can have it for free. People like you are every time welcom to me. I have here 3 emty bottles of Beer only 5$ for you and you can fill in what ever you want thats also not to over complicated
    1. keatonreckard's Avatar
      keatonreckard -
      wheres the 1.x version???
    1. JacquesChirac's Avatar
      JacquesChirac -
      I have firmware 1.1.1, so I can't add new sources on cydia and consequently, I can't get this app from there. If it is old school compatible, is there any link where I cant download the app on my computer and SSH or ifuntastic it to my iphone?
    1. hbelkins's Avatar
      hbelkins -
      Still having to use SOCKS proxies.

      IMO my method of using my MEdiaNet Unlimited $20/month plan with my Motorola Cingular/AT&T phone is still better. All apps can be used online (AOL/AIM, browser, Eudora, Yahoo Messenger, Thoth, etc.) just as with a DSL or dialup connection.

      I'll try this but I need to find a simpler way to jailbreak, I never could get Pwnage to work. I'm still waiting for the new version of Ziphone. :-)
    1. ungltxx's Avatar
      ungltxx -
      hbelkins, try quickpwn. It's the just about the same thing as ZiPhone... maybe even easier...
    1. PuppyPR's Avatar
      PuppyPR -
      Quote Originally Posted by jabbawalkee View Post
      Is it okay to use this if you have AT&T? Because I'm pretty sure that you aren't allowed to tether if you are on ATT and its very easy to find out..
      The iPhone Data plan offers unlimited data.

      All Smartphone plans without tethering included offer unlimited data.

      There is no cap on these plans.

      The only plans that have a 5GB cap are:

      - Broadband connect plans (the laptop data cards), and

      - Plans that specifically permit tethering to a laptop.

      Even on plans with the 5GB cap, there is no overage charge if you go over 5GB. If you go over 5GB for two consecutive billing periods, AT&T might contact you to find out what's going on, or you might get a letter asking you to watch your usage.

      This has been in place for about a year.
    1. marcoxyz's Avatar
      marcoxyz -
      Hi All

      Today we have our Applikation for iPhone ready:

      Its also in english. It works for all Versions of iPhone and we have also Repositorys for old Firmwares... later more we waiting to come in Cydia (solve the Naming Problem).

      The coolest thing is that You can make and recive calls an so on while you on Internet with your Phone...

      Ciao from Berlin Marco

      For Windows User:

      This version has 2 Socks Proxys, one option for SSH and one for "normal" Socks Proxy so you can use it out of the Box in your applications. You only must create a Ad-Hoc with WPA and put in your Browser or Program settings the proxy-ip and the port 1080 thats all...
    1. axxllAxxll's Avatar
      axxllAxxll -
      Does it work on regular iPhone ( not the 3G) ?