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  • Rumored Polycarbonate iPhone To Be Released Late 2013 - Entry Level iPhone Delays iPhone 6 Release

    Do you remember the legacy MacBooks for entry-level consumers that sported a polycarbonate body? Earlier today Michael discussed the iPhone 5S being rumored to be released in August this year. He also mentioned the possibility of a polycarbonate body, a rumors which is coming to life of, as reporst are stating the new iPhone "Mini" will be sporting a polycarbonate body just like the oldschool MacBooks.

    Word has been buzzing for some time about an "iPhone Mini", an entry-level iPhone, with a $330 price point. This would make it about the same price as the 16-gigabyte Wi-fi only iPad Mini. Rumors which have now been gearing towards a body made from polycarbonate material. This would obviously help Apple produce these iPhones at a reasonable cost.

    Mac Otakara reported yesterday that not only will Apple be releasing this new entry-level iPhone soon, the company may also be temporarily postponing the release of a the iPhone 5 successor, aka the large screen iPhone 6. Meanwhile the "iPhone 5S" is expected to have two flash modules that will be located right next to the camera lens. Otakara said that the new model may resemble the design of existing iPhones thus far, right down to the home button.

    I really have no idea what to expect, but from the sound of things, I would assume that Apple knows what they are doing. What are you thoughts on this possible Polycarbonate iPhone?

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