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  • Dual-Connector iPad: Real or Bogus?

    There's renewed excitement about a purported new iPad model with two dock connectors following the release of some pictures showing an iPad back case with openings for two dock enclosures. While the pictures match recently discovered industrial design drawings, a number of sites are quoting anonymous sources as saying these are prototype designs for the original iPad that were canceled at the last minute.

    Last month, based on drawings found by the perspicacious Jack Purcher at Patently Apple, rumors spread of a new iPad design with an additional dock connector that would allow the device to be docked in either portrait or landscape mode. Yesterday, a nationwide Mac/iDevice/PSP/etc repair shop in Kansas called Mission Repair got hold of what was claimed to be a back case for the supposed new model. The guys at Mission didn't say where they came by the case, but presumably it was through suppliers in Asia. The excitement was such that it actually brought Mission repair's site down for a time yesterday.

    Engadget is flatly denying that this is a genuine iPad 2G part. According to "a trusted Engadget source," the picture is of a prototype first-generation iPad. Supposedly, the device had two dock connectors through most of the design phase, but "close to the last minute," the connector on the long side was axed, leaving only the single bottom connector like the iPod and iPhone have. Leaks around the time of the original announcement did indicate that the iPad would have two connectors.

    Most of the rumors surrounding the iPad 2G suggest that it will be thinner and lighter, while this case indicates a device that will have the same form factor as the first-generation iPad. A report out today from an industry analyst promised a much smaller 7-inch device, with 128GB flash and a Retina Display, as either an additional or replacement to the current 9.6-inch model.

    Source: MacRumors, image via Mission Repair
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    1. alexevo's Avatar
      alexevo -
      It is fake. Here's why: the top iPad is a real one because the apple logo and the dock connector are centered in their correct spots but the actual apple logo and dock connector(on both sides) are no where near where they are supposed to be on a real ipad on the one with dual connectors. the portrait dock connector is off center, the landscape dock connector is off center, and the apple logo is off center.
    1. iphone?3gs's Avatar
      iphone?3gs -
      Quote Originally Posted by Aliquippakid View Post
      A iPhone built without restrictions is the same as a iPhone with the restrictions removed. Even if jobs had a one off iPhone with no restrictions it would still be jailbroke. Just from apple itself. Why would he pay people to do that when they are released free online? I'm sure his is jailbroke and through a dev team tool. Would it be worth someone leaking his custom frmware signed by apple? Then he couldn't complain?
      OF COURSE, when he can make the iPhone anything he wants and can change it anyway he wants hes going to go to his computer and download a jailbreaking tool so he can LIMIT his iPhone to what he could make it do. There is still a lot of stuff that we cant do on our iPhones and he can do it without using someone elses software. Thats like downgrading for him. If they made the software they know hot to edit it and dont need anyone elses help. Thats like owning a car that came with a really powerful V8 engine and downgrading it to someone elses V6. Lose all respect.
    1. kingljrules's Avatar
      kingljrules -
      im sick of hearing about this smaller ipad...i want the 2nd gen to have the same size screen but with cameras and maybe USB or SD Card slot. just my opinion
    1. SnR's Avatar
      SnR -
      I think fake. That enclosure looks exactly like the current iPad. Why would they call it iPad 2 if it was basically the same design?
    1. GenesisDH's Avatar
      GenesisDH -
      Quote Originally Posted by kraziebone View Post
      I'm sure they axed the connection because of asthetics but I could definitely see the benefit with 2 dock connectors. I hope this shows up in the second generation iPad cause it would be useful & it wouldn't be ugly when people get use to it. I wonder what happens when both are used simultaneously
      I'd imagine only one dock connector would be active at a time. I could see someone frying an iPad trying to charge faster with two AC adapters...