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  • Swipe Up Or Down On Safari Tabs to Close Them With 'SafariSwipez'

    For those of you that don’t enjoy Apple’s ‘tap on the close button’ method of closing Mobile Safari tabs, it could be worth taking a look at a new free jailbreak tweak subbed SafariSwipez by iOS developer Bensge.

    With SafariSwipez, rather than tapping on the multiple App Switcher-style close buttons to close out of Safari tabs that are open in the background, you can simply swipe downwards or upwards on the tabs that are open to close them. This Auxo-styled swipe gesture is pretty cool and makes better use of the touch screen. If you've used Auxo before, then you're used to swiping down on things to close them rather than tapping on a close button to close things.

    What’s interesting about the tweak is while you’re sliding the tab downwards or upwards, the Safari tab actually fades away. You can drag the tab back into place if you change your mind about closing the Safari tab, and the tab will re-materialize. When you let go of the tab after swiping downwards or upwards, the tab will close and another opened Safari tab will bounce before your eyes.

    SafariSwipez doesn't come with any options to configure, as the tweak is pretty much a single purpose tweak that only works when it needs to. You can grab the tweak right now from the BigBoss repository.

    Name: SafariSwipez
    Price: FREE
    Version: 1.0.0
    Repo: Bigboss
    Developer: Bensge
    Editor's Rating:  4/5
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    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Cool tweak gonna git this one
    1. ProfessorJack's Avatar
      ProfessorJack -
      ActiveDock is up on Cydia
      I love it

      Thanks Ant for all your blogs of MMI info keep up the good work

      Take it easy guys