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  • Grafiti 2.0 Released With New Interface, More App Support, Additional Features

    Seven months ago, we showed you a great jailbreak tweak called Grafiti by iOS developer Ian Pappas, which allowed you to draw pictures that you could send with your text messages in the Messages application similarly to the Picto-chat feature on the Nintendo DS. It worked with both SMS and iMessage.

    Grafiti has received a major update to version 2.0, which includes a complete interface redesign, which looks like it was for the better, and many more features. Above, you can see the new interface, which looks much more professionally done compared to the old version.

    The drawing interface looks like it belongs in iOS, and the blank page says, “start drawing here…” where you can draw your picture. The drawing interface is brought up when the user selects the international keyboard key from the keyboard. The new color picker is much easier to work with than the previous RGB sliders, and the undo and redo buttons look better too. The check button will compile your drawing into a picture that can be sent to the recipient.

    Apart from the redesigned interface, version 2 of Grafiti also adds support for the iPad, and adds support for other applications, such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter on top of the already-supported Messages application:

    In addition, an issue with the fixed brush size not saving has been fixed, and Grafiti no longer requires you to have more than one keyboard enabled from the keyboard preferences in the Settings application.

    Grafiti 2.0 is a MAJOR improvement over the initial version, and if you’re looking for tweaks to load onto your fresh iPhone 5 jailbreak, then Grafiti is a tweak to check out! Grafiti requires iOS 5 or later and is available in the BigBoss repository right now for $3.99. Existing owners can upgrade for free.
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    1. gdd2010's Avatar
      gdd2010 -
      Quote Originally Posted by rodnutz View Post
      Awesome I think I will try it out, but based on the images in this post I have a question for anyone who uses the emoji keyboard and may have already bought it.

      Is it easy to cycle between all 3 keyboards? In the picture of the Grafiti layout there doesn't seem to be a way to get back to the normal keyboard. Does hitting the world button take me back to the normal keyboard or do I have to keep hitting the world button multiple times until I get what I want? If I have to cycle through multiple keyboards all day just to use this then I think I may pass.
      Protip - Long press the "globe" key and slide up to the keyboard language you want instead of toggling through.
    1. IanP's Avatar
      IanP -
      Quote Originally Posted by M3mph1s View Post
      Any chance this sweet doohickey will work with BiteSMS?
      Yes, it works with biteSMS although it isn't compatible with quick reply yet.

      Quote Originally Posted by gdd2010 View Post
      Protip - Long press the "globe" key and slide up to the keyboard language you want instead of toggling through.
      About the whole keyboard switching business - it turns out there was some weird bug if you have 2 or more other keyboards enabled, and you try switching between them. I've worked it out and it will be fixed in the next update. Also I've disabled it from autoswitching to any other keyboard once you hit done.
    1. patoons's Avatar
      patoons -
      do these drawings temporarily save in the SMS attachment folder? or is there another folder these are saved in? i wanna periodically clear them
    1. IanP's Avatar
      IanP -
      They are not manually saved anywhere. The SMS app does have an attachment folder but that is cleared out when you delete a conversation. For some reason, whatsapp resaves every image you send or receive (whether it's from Grafiti or not) into your camera roll, but they can be deleted from the Photos app.