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  • New Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Dev Diary Shows Off Multiplayer, Weapon Customization

    Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is Gameloft’s next step in making a great console-quality first person shooter in the mobile world of gaming. Gameloft always continues to impress with each sneak peak of the game, such as the Dev Diary 1, and today they’ve released the Dev Diary 2, which shows off multiplayer gameplay and 3D weapon customization.

    The video shows us the amazing graphics that the Modern Combat series is known for. The multiplayer gameplay brings us two great game modes that are popular, such as zone control, and 'barebones.' The game's developers also explain that there is a new multiplayer engine.

    Interestingly about each of the zones in zone control mode, should your team capture them, they will provide your team with special effects such as additional ammo, or continuous radar scan. These key items should make the gameplay much more fun and challenging for players. In the barebones gameplay, your job will be simply to reach a certain amount of kills and the first team to reach that number will win.

    If you liked being able to choose from a diverse weapons arsenal in the older Modern Combat games, then you’re going to be impressed by the way Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour delivers choices for weapons. Not only can you choose the weapon, but also you can customize the weapon with different muzzles, grips, sights, shoulder stocks, and much more. Your customization choices will be animated in real time in a 3D environment so you can see what the gun will look like as you customize it.

    Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour promises to be out this Fall for all iOS devices and even Android devices. For a mobile-friendly YouTube link that works with our app, you can tap on the YouTube link below:

    Sources: Gameloft
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