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  • iPod Touch 5G is Much Less Powerful Than iPhone 5

    Updated Geekbench benchmarks show that Apple’s new fifth-generation iPod touch is much less powerful than the iPhone 5. The iPod touch 5G has Apple’s older A5 chip and the iPhone 5 has apple’s brand new A6 chip, but another interesting point is that the iPod touch 5G shows a lower score than the iPhone 4S, which uses the same A5 chip.

    The iPhone 5’s A6 chip is clocked at 1.3Ghz, as ModMyi reported in September, which is a great improvement over the iPod touch 5G’s 800Mhz A5 chip. The new speeds paired together with a better chip means more power. Apple claims their new A6 chip can deliver two times the performance of the previous A5 chip.

    As we analyze the Geekbench scores, the iPhone 5 brings a whopping 1572 (GSM) and 1573 (CDMA), completely outdoing every other iOS device Apple has ever launched. The iPod touch 5G scores a puny 619, lower than the iPhone 4S at 654. It’s absolutely safe to say that the A6 chip is two times faster than the A5 chip… and then some. As TUAW points out, some of the added power is because of the additional memory in the newer devices.

    If you have the iPod touch 4G as your current iPod touch, the iPod touch 5G is an improvement. The iPod touch 4G with its mere single-core A4 processor scores only a 377, which is just a little over half as powerful. The second core in the iPod touch 5G definitely helps out a bunch.

    You can obtain your own benchmarks by downloading the 99˘ Geekbench app from the App Store. (link)

    Sources: Primate Labs via TUAW
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