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  • Apple Reportedly Laying Off Retail Employees and Cutting Back Part-Time Hours

    Reports of Apple axing recent hires at the companyís retail locations have started to flood the interwebs.

    Apple store employees reached out to MacRumors over the past few weeks saying recent hires are being laid off in the U.K. and at select locations around the world while part-time employees are getting less hours. Reports are now beginning to surface in the U.S. and Canada that part-time staff are seeing less hours, including long-term cutbacks.

    Some of the claimed U.K. cuts are rather drastic including once store that reportedly axed all employees with less than six months of experience and even a number of recent hires who just finished training. Another U.K. report claims three groups of recent trainees have been laid off as well.

    Veteran employees have also received the proverbial shaft with Apple bumping number of recently-promoted employees back down to their original positions. U.S. employees havenít experience mass layoffs yet, but reports of Apple cutting down part-time employee hours drastically have surfaced with some cuts down to zero hours being reported.

    Apparently Appleís back-to-school sales arenít proving lucrative enough, or the companyís retail force is becoming more efficient. Itís tough to justify the most profitable company in the world dumping thousands of employees, especially with the holiday retail season around the corner. Oh and the launch of the iPhone 5. Hopefully Apple doesnít pull a Best Buy and hire droves of clueless seasonal help this fall.

    Source: MacRumors [via AppleInsider]
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    1. Justinra's Avatar
      Justinra -
      As a full time Apple Employee.... I feel the same thing happening in my store, It even got to the point where Workcover had to step in and handle the situation, Apple isn't a kind and loving as it may appear from the outside. I better go before I lose my job. (Not kidding).