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  • Apple Ramping Up Legal Fight Over Amazon's Use of 'Appstore'

    Apple, which had previously sued Amazon over the digital retailer's use of the term "App Store," is said to be aggressively ramping up its fight to become the only nominal "app store" operator of the digital age.

    This week, new insights have emerged with regard to the latest court documents filed by Apple in response to Amazon's deployment of the "app store" moniker in their established mobile app storefront. Specifically, Apple says Amazon is trying to trick and confuse consumers.

    "Amazon has steadfastly refused to produce documents and information regarding the use of 'for Android' in connection with its service..." Apple says in the filing, arguing that "appstore" should only be used by Amazon if it reads "Appstore for Android."

    "Amazon has failed to produce a witness who can testify regarding the decision not to use 'for Android' with the Amazon Appstore Service outside the context of the Kindle Fire, despite clear evidence that Amazon frequently does not use 'for Android' in conjunction with its Service," the argument from Apple goes on to say.

    If this story sounds familiar, that's because it is. Last year, Apple first filed suit against Amazon regarding this specific matter. Apple maintains that the "App Store" trademark is being misused, although it should be noted that Apple is still pursuing the trademark itself and doesn't yet control it.

    Source: Gigaom
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    1. tongxinshe's Avatar
      tongxinshe -
      Quote Originally Posted by Gamemaster77 View Post
      "Burger King" is a lot different though. Burger King when talking about restaurants, does not logically make sense unless you are talk about the restaurant. App Store is just describing a store where Apps are sold.
      Not too much different, "Burger King" means "the king of the restaurants who sells burger". Anyway, it's just a brand name to avoid duplication. Apple is not against the name of "Kindle App Store" or "Android App Store".

      I won't be surprised if Apple isn't eventually granted the brand. But, I totally side with their move to sue Amazon, even though they don't necessarily have enough legal bullets. Amazon's evil intention is simple TOO OBVIOUS.
    1. thatboy12345's Avatar
      thatboy12345 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Gamemaster77 View Post
      Okay even if I misunderstood you, and that's what you mean, you are still completely wrong. The term "app" was in pretty common usage before Apple made their App Store. Just because Apple made more people know of it, doesn't mean they own the word. It's still, just a word. Here is a little proof for you, since obviously you need to be convinced. One of the most common usage for the term "app" was in "web apps". The iOS "App Store" was created in July of 2008. So here is a simple Google search for "web apps" that only includes pages from before 2008.
      Google Search

      Nice comeback with the triple-face palm