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  • New Jailbreak Tweak Brings Classic Typewriter Sounds to iOS

    Last week we showed you an application for Mac OS X that could make your computer emit the sounds of a classic typewriter as you typed on your keyboard. It mimicked the ticking noise of the typewriter, the dinging noise of starting a new line, and it made typing fun. Some people really liked the feedback of the typewriter sound when typing on the keyboard, so it was only a matter of time before someone brought it to iOS.

    The new tweak, dubbed iTypeWriter by iOS developer skram, is now available in Cydia from the ModMyi repository for just 99˘. iTypeWriter will give you the typewriter sounds on your iOS device as you type – it includes the keyboard noises and the ding sound that is made when you force a new line. When you install the tweak, you will find a preferences pane in the Settings application:

    The tweak can be enabled and disabled on demand and it comes with an additional feature that the Mac OS X version of this application could not offer – haptic feedback. The iPhone has a vibrator module in it, meaning that it’s capable of giving you some vibration feedback each time you tap on a keyboard key. The Mac on the other hand, does not have a vibrator module that can offer haptic feedback while typing. This feature does not work on the iPod touch or the iPad because neither of those iOS devices have a vibrator module either. Haptic feedback can also be enabled or disabled on demand – it will use more battery when enabled since you are invoking the vibrator each time you type.

    The sound of the audio while you are typing is very clear and accurate with your keystrokes. The tweak also works in every application that you are capable of typing in – not just the Notes application as demonstrated above. After a while, the sound of a typewriter might get to you, but it’s still a fun feature to have on your iPhone. If you haven’t checked out the Mac version of this application yet, you can also give that one a try from this link.

    Name: iTypeWriter
    Price: 99˘
    Version: 1.0
    Requirements: iPhone (for haptic feedback only)
    Repo: ModMyi
    Developer: skram
    Editor's Rating:  4/5

    Sources: skram
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    1. dalton4life's Avatar
      dalton4life -
      Great. I installed this tweak on my 4s and now my vibration doesn't work at all. I even tried restoring and still no dice. This may be an isolated incident, but I'm just letting people know what happened with me.
    1. pasmaczek's Avatar
      pasmaczek -
      Quote Originally Posted by DaUub View Post
      make sure to disable sound clicks in settings>sounds>keyboard clicks

      Thank you so much! I didn't think about disabling those! I also did a reboot as suggested by the developer in a comment above and now it is working flawlessly system wide!

      Thank you DaUub and the developer skram

      Oh on a separate note... after i got this to work! woo woo I love it! Anyway I went ahead and turned the Haptic feedback within the app OFF then turned my HapticPro on (since it has more features) and they so far seem completely compatible!
    1. dReAdLoKdEmOn's Avatar
      dReAdLoKdEmOn -
      so let me get this straight....people want to PAY actual money to have their phone make an annoying sound everytime you press a key? Hmmmmm...ya'll do know that the phone comes stock with "clicks" that make it just as annoying. Plus a "click" and "tick" aren't that much different. Really?!?!
    1. thomaspeter's Avatar
      thomaspeter -
      I love type writer, it would be such a nice and amazing app to have the type writer sounds back on finger tips!
    1. decoy88's Avatar
      decoy88 -
      Its disappointing theres no sound for the lockscreen keypad