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  • [GIVEAWAY] Sena Folio Classic Leather iPad Case

    I always enjoy when a box comes in to the ModMyi.com review mailbox from Sena Cases. Founded by two brothers in 1999, Sena's niche is high-end, genuine Napa leather cases for your gadget. I have a few of them in the review bin to get to, and first we'll be looking at the Folio Classic, for iPad 2 (also for the new iPad 3rd generation).

    The Folio Classic is a business/college case. Like almost all Sena cases, you can choose from a variety of 6 colors (brown, black, red, tan, crocodile black, and crocodile red). Our review unit is the brown color. It's a basic flip-style case - completely covers the iPad by way of a slide-in area for the iPad with a fold-over top. The cover does include magnets to make use of the iPad 2 and 3rd gen iPad's smart lock features (when the cover closes, the iPad screen automatically shuts off). I found that I did have to set the auto-lock on the iPad though, as since the leather is not flush against the screen, it would occasionally not lock the screen while in my bag.

    Inside the case (which opens like a book), the top area has an efficient set of slots and pockets to eliminate the need for a wallet/extra bag. Up to 4 credit cards (more if you're one of those people who like to smash too many cards in a slot) and your ID fit in the top area, while there is also a bottom pocket which can hold papers, cash, a checkbook, or anything else thin you'd like to carry. I haven't carried a wallet in a couple years after discovering an ID card iPhone case a while back, and the idea of being able to carry more cards is attractive. If you're the kind of person who brings your iPad everywhere, this case will be great for you. I did notice having to run out to the car a couple times to grab my card, but only because I'm used to leaving my iPad in the car and only having my phone on me in many meetings. College kids would probably love this though, as the iPad is ever present.

    The iPad fits snug in the case and doesn't slide around - there's a snapped piece of leather which holds it in nice and tight. The back of the leather case has a strap of leather which acts as a stand for the case. The angle is nice for both viewing and typing (perhaps a little steep for typing, but worked well for me taking notes in a meeting) and has a small piece of leather holding it at the correct angle. When not in use, the leather strap snaps in to the main case to hold it snug.

    Handcrafted, the stitching and cutouts on the case are perfectly done. Your camera has an unobstructed view, the dock connector is open and available, power, volume, and all other buttons are easily accessible. I did notice a few issues with the volume buttons - the leather is close there, so you've got to be pretty precise when changing the volume. It works fine, but was not quite as easy as my blind reaching I typically do when changing the volume while watching a show.

    Both the Folio Classic for iPad 2 and the version for iPad 3rd Gen run $99.99 direct from Sena. Which is actually a decent price for a genuine Napa leather case - Vaja cases are easily double that cost. But of course, it wouldn't be a ModMyi.com review without a giveaway unit - so use the widget below to grab some points, and we'll choose a winner Tuesday morning! You get your choice of color in the iPad 2 version of the case thanks to Sena.

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    1. celeron's Avatar
      celeron -
    1. mADMAN8's Avatar
      mADMAN8 -
      Matthew, I am an Apple freak, as most members here may say. However, unlike most people I collect Apple products (products I don't even need) I have 3 display cases of apple products in their packaging (the products I use aren't in their boxes,obviously) on display in my home and office. (packaging is half the genius!)

      Well the point I'm making is that as such a compulsive collector, I am also in a lot of debt and I have a compulsion that goes hand in hand with my collection habits... I have to keep all my products in MINT condition. For that reason I am very picky about what cases and protectant film I'll put on my devices.

      This case seems perfect to me.
      I am in advertising and I am ALWAYS on the go. My iPad goes EVERYwhere I do. If you see me without it, it's probably because my wife's ripped it away from me and put me in time out for playing too much Infinity Blade!

      I am not in a position to buy it, at the moment because I have purchased the new iPad and apple TV on keynote day, @2:30 (sat at the computer refreshing the apple store 100 times b4 I finally got my order in! It's in Tennessee... 6 more days!!!) but what I want for my birthday 3/21 is a great case for my iPad, this would be perfect! Here's to wishing when I blow my candles lol!

      BTW-My wife's making me an iPad cake, I'll make sure to post photos!Attachment 572157
      Attachment 572159Attachment 572160Attachment 572161these are my bookshelf (I device and small product) displays. Only a quarter of my 10 yr collection
    1. baklava18's Avatar
      baklava18 -
      Thanks for this awesome giveaway for a great-looking iPad cover!
    1. stang89lx50's Avatar
      stang89lx50 -
      I just ordered my first iPad and this would go great with it.
    1. skb875's Avatar
      skb875 -
      I have a leather folio case for my first gen iPad, and I absolutely love it.
      Would definitely like another one for when my new "child" arrives.
    1. jeepshots's Avatar
      jeepshots -
      That's a fantastic case. Pick me!
    1. Dranon's Avatar
      Dranon -
      OK Sena is great I have 3 of their cases for our iphones! Would love one of these for the ipad!!
    1. iSteed's Avatar
      iSteed -
      I like it very much
    1. joliano24's Avatar
      joliano24 -
      one plz i need it
    1. yrosanel's Avatar
      yrosanel -
      I like it!
    1. bthomp2000's Avatar
      bthomp2000 -
      Very nice and modern case! It would go great with my iPad!
    1. noraa's Avatar
      noraa -
      This would be perfect for the iPad 3 I ordered (sold the old case with the iPad...kinda regretting that now since it would probably fit the iPad 3). Hope I win!
    1. MrTax's Avatar
      MrTax -
      It would be perfect for my iPad ;-)
    1. Kimone03's Avatar
      Kimone03 -
      I love the case, very sleek and stylish.
    1. Pokal326's Avatar
      Pokal326 -
      its really cool...................
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Nice looking case
    1. hellman's Avatar
      hellman -
      like a purse
    1. yathestha's Avatar
      yathestha -
      it is better for professional and student both. nice combo man. really great ipad case.
    1. jakson0100's Avatar
      jakson0100 -
      No comparison what a beautiful case.