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  • This Bug Forces People to Receive a Stranger's iMessages

    This isnít a hack, this isnít a new Location-gate or Carrier IQ, this is a rare bug, that lets those affected see every text message sent by a complete strangers phone.

    Gizmodo chronicled the troubles of a high schooler who had his iPhone fixed at an Apple Store. When the high schooler got his phone back, he started receiving another manís messages. Every single one of them, picture's and text.

    The problem is actually simple. The man being projected on another personís phone via text message turned out to be the Apple Genius (well most likely) who worked the boyís phone. He most likely popped his SIM card in while repairing the phone forever tethering his iMessage account with a phone not his own.

    Apparently, Ars Technica threw around the idea that Apple connected iMessage to SIM cards instead of operating like other messaging service accounts by tethering to an email address or screen name.

    This isnít a huge security breach, but it is a genuine bug that has afflicted at least one Apple employee. I myself have swapped out my SIM card and placed it in a display phone at AT&T before in order to send texts/make calls after my phone has died. This was before iOS5 of course. But, the idea that if I did that now, all of my texts forever and ever could be sent to a display phone located in a mall isnít very comforting. But, there is the possibility that someone could attempt to use this bug maliciously.

    Apple must be aware of this bug. Hopefully a fix is issued soon. For this poor kids sanity at least. One person can only take so many stupid picture messages, and late night booty calls that aren't their own.

    Source: Gizmodo
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