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  • iHeadCase Is A Cool New Case That Stores Your Headphones - Coming Soon!

    iHeadCase can be identified by its unique ergonomic shape.

    Please view the video content on a computer - iOS doesn't support it.

    Here's a case that will catch the eyeballs of the person looking at you. iHeadCase is a new case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that lets you store your headphones in a compartment that can be found in the rear of the case. Headphone-storing cases for the iPhone are not new - but iHeadCase makes them look so much nicer than having a huge jangled up headphone cord bulging out of the side of your iPhone like numerous other third party cases. With iHeadCase, you can be sure that your iPhone is protected and it feels as sleek as it looks. It was invented by Belal Breaga Bakht, a product designer, and Aqua Yost, an artist. Together with their combined efforts, we show you their beautiful new case.

    The iHeadCase cradles your iPhone snugly, and it features a rear door that encompasses a windup-area where you can clip your headphones into the case and bring them anywhere that your iPhone goes. iHeadcase doubles as not only a headphone and iPhone case, but also as a kickstand that you can use to set your iPhone up on a table in front of you to watch a movie. The angle is just right. With the additional luxury of the iPhone's IPS (in-plane switching) display, you'll never lose your color view. Colors will be as crisp as they would be looking directly at the phone, even if you are at a slightly odd angle. When the headphones are wrapped inside, it packs up very nicely - like a present!

    If the hard shell (polycarbonate) version of the iHeadCase seems like it isn't your style, then maybe the wallet version will have more of an impact on your desire to get one. It's made out of polyurethane which is a synthetic leather. It feels like real leather to the touch. Inside the wallet version, you will find the same headphone door on the rear, but you will also find that there is a cover on the front that protects your screen. That cover has a pocket in it where you can store some dollar bills, receipts, or credit cards.

    The iHeadCase Wallet has the same basic structure as the iHeadCase. The only obvious difference is the material, but there is also that protective cover on the front to shield your screen. If you put keys on your pocket with your iPhone, then the iHeadCase Wallet will protect it from dents and scratches. To open and close it, just maneuver the flap that holds the cover on. It's a very beautiful looking case, and comfortable to hold as you can tell from the shape. Here is a video demonstration of the case and an introduction to the minds behind the iHeadCase series:

    iHeadCase is working on being funded right now. They have achieved $6400 of their $30,000 goal. If the goal is met by backers who pay into the product to get one, then they will be manufactured starting in February. $25 will get you the iHeadCase and $40 will get you the iHeadCase Wallet. The plan is that if the iHeadCase is launched successfully, then it will be made widely available for not only the iPhone, but for the iPod touch, Blackberry handsets, Nokia handsets, Samsung handsets, and much more.

    My thoughts about the case is that it looks elegant to hold. I'm not sure if I would want to pocket it, but it would go nicely with some other kind of carrying compartment. If you were a fan of the iPhone 3GS because of the curved backing of the phone's case, then you will probably like to have this case for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S because not only will you get that feeling back but it will protect the iPhone and store your headphones too.

    What are your thoughts about the iHeadCase series? Would you get one for your precious iPhone? Share in the comments.

    Sources: Belal Breaga Bakht via KickStarter
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      Quote Originally Posted by 1pop23 View Post
      personally i wouldnt want it because of how big it is, i mean its thinker then most battery cases, but thats just me. I looks real nice though
      lol, i think you lost the point of it...of course it's bigger..it has buds inside it! I don't think most people would buy it because it's bigger yeah...they'd just get some slim case. But in the vid they're saying if you wana carry your buds around with you then get it! Looks nice but I wouldn't buy it...I don't need to carry buds, i have DD cans....but my brother's gonna order this because he's got some new expensive Bose numbers he want to carry around