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  • [GIVEAWAY] SGP Cases Linear Color Series for iPhone 4 and 4S

    SGP - which has the cheesy misfortune to stand for "Stylish people's Good Partner" - is a Los Angeles, CA company who's been making good cases (which are actually nice and stylish) for at least a few years now. We've looked at their products before (there's still one of these wandering around Tampa somewhere from SGP through ModMyi) and were impressed by their build quality, style, and design.

    The folks at SGP sent us a new batch of one of their new lines which fit the iPhone 4 and 4S - the Linear Color Series. I've also got one of their Crystal Series here which we'll be giving away later in the review.

    The Linear series of iPhone 4/4S cases from SGP are a clever 3 piece design which allows for an EXTREMELY wide array of color combinations and customization possibilities (their site says over 1400 combinations are available - you can mix and match the 3 pieces). Check out their video below marketing some of the available options.

    Each case comes with three pieces standard in the box - the back plate (which marks the only difference between the Color series - where it has a color - and the Crystal series, where it is clear), the upper "bumper" or side cover, and the lower "bumper." The back plate also has a black piece telling you about SGP, which also protects your iPhone from scratching.

    I found the color of the white Linear Color Series I tested on my iPhone 4S for a while matched Apple's white perfectly, and the case looked as if it was an extension of the phone itself. The overall bulk added was very little, but the phone felt sturdy and well covered. As an added bonus (which was very appreciated), each case comes with a Steinhil "Enhanced Optical Display Protector" - aka screen protector. Of course appropriate cutouts in the case were there for headphones, dock connector and mic/speaker, camera, volume buttons, and sleep buttons. All access was easy and felt natural.

    The case I tested felt just a tad loose on the phone, as if it wasn't quite machined perfectly for the phone, although the visual fit was perfect. SGP cases have become known to have a quality style to them, and these cases don't disappoint in that department. Between the solid design, good protection, and added screen protector in each box, if the style matches yours, these are good cases to buy.

    You can pick up any of the myriad of color combinations SGP offers at their website for $24.99 - a great deal when you factor in the screen protector in every case box. Of course, as with any ModMyi.com review we've got some giveaways for you guys as well.

    Choose any of the colors in the photo below, and comment here which you'd like and your thoughts on the SGP cases. We'll choose winners tomorrow! Here's the winners!

    Gunmetal - Asubaseball727
    Black - GrandMasterB
    Champagne - &e.

    Of course, if you friend us on Facebook we'll also love you.

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    1. Don Ju4n's Avatar
      Don Ju4n -
      From the pictures, I think that the colorful bumpers play out INCREDIBLY well with the white of the iPhone. I would love to get one just to make sure it's true Hahaha
    1. Fallguy's Avatar
      Fallguy -
      These look nice . I have to tell my sister to check these out . She has been looking for a new one , and these fit the bill.
    1. The Guz's Avatar
      The Guz -
      These are some nice cases. A good way to customize one's iphone.
    1. 2k1's Avatar
      2k1 -
      Nice looking case like to try another one the one I have now drowns the volume so bad.
    1. Bailey4427's Avatar
      Bailey4427 -
      SGP cases are amazing looking and what Apple should have gone with with the iPhone bumper case redemption plan when they attempted to fix the antenna issue. Too bad they weren't available then It's also great that modmyi.com is showcasing them and giving them such a great review. The design nd quality speak for themselves anyways.
    1. MJedi's Avatar
      MJedi -
      I bought an SGP iPhone 4S Case Linear Crystal Series but returned it because, like the review above said, my iPhone was a bit loose in it. Still, I'd like to try the gray case.
    1. GrnChkn's Avatar
      GrnChkn -
      SGP always has good cases. The black one looks really nice.
    1. monchy36's Avatar
      monchy36 -
      SGP since a have my 2 iP4s! Is time to get a new SGP case! You choose one for me! Like them all!
    1. scatman10's Avatar
      scatman10 -
      The black SGP Case looks like it'd mingle well with my black 4s Please Nice review! Sounds like a good case all around.
    1. mcazurin's Avatar
      mcazurin -
      The White case is very nice. Has a Sleek Look to it, and it gives a very nice contrast and feel to the White iPhone.
    1. myiphone3gs4055's Avatar
      myiphone3gs4055 -
      Wow... I just can't take my eyes off this case. It turn the iPhone a sexy look also give the best protection at the same time.Also all color are my favorites
    1. Stephen Kistner's Avatar
      Stephen Kistner -
      This case is just what I was looking for! It's stylish, but offers decent scratch protection. I still need a case for my iPhone 4S, and would love to have the Gunmetal one.
    1. mervynokm's Avatar
      mervynokm -
      I want the white one!!!! i think it looks simple and sleek!
    1. rwrobin01's Avatar
      rwrobin01 -
      Outstanding! Form meets fashion yet again. Afterall, isn't that why we all have iPhones? The Color-series gun-metal gray appeals to me.
    1. forshetsandgigs's Avatar
      forshetsandgigs -
      the white one would look amazing on my white iphone!
    1. seaock's Avatar
      seaock -
      I've always been a fan of solid black but I like the idea of mixing it up with a white bumper and black back.
    1. Lamborghini615's Avatar
      Lamborghini615 -
      SGP cases have been my first choice when it come to iDevice cases for many years already... I'm even rocking an SGP snap on case right now... I would imagine the gunmetal colour would look absolutely awesome with my white iPhone 4
    1. RGee's Avatar
      RGee -
      I never have used a SGP case but sure need a new case and the review sounds like this is a very good quality case n would come handy with protecting my iPhone so ill choose smooth black if i win. Thx for the review
    1. GrandMasterB's Avatar
      GrandMasterB -
      I probably should have mentioned that today IS my Birthday..... so what better choice than me?
    1. WHYsoFICKLE's Avatar
      WHYsoFICKLE -
      Gunmetal one looks great! Your review was helpful too.