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  • AT&T Will Enable HD Voice for the iPhone 5 Later This Year

    AT&T, one of the largest U.S. carriers to offer the iPhone, has announced Monday that they will be enabling HD voice later this year on their network. The news comes from AllThingsD about a week after T-Mobile announced that they would be getting the iPhone and supporting HD voice right out of the box starting April 12, 2013.

    HD voice promises to bring users clearer voice calls, something that iPhone users really could benefit from. The feature is better known as ‘wideband audio,' and Apple's Phil Schiller made sure to make note of it at the iPhone 5 event last year.

    According to AT&T, the company plans to enable voice calls over 4G LTE, which should help with the HD call quality. Currently, phone calls initiated or received on an AT&T iPhone 5 are performed on 4G HSPA+, which the iPhone 5 drops down to until the call is over – at this point, the iPhone 5 re-connects to the 4G LTE cellular network.

    With AT&T offering HD voice later this year and T-mobile offering HD voice right out of the box, these will be the first two major U.S. carriers to start supporting HD voice on the iPhone 5. Hopefully additional U.S. carriers will follow suit and start enabling the feature.

    Sources: AllThingsD
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      Quote Originally Posted by AKCHRIS View Post
      How much do you pay for your plan?

      I doubt it'll be a charge for this. BUT...TBH I just wanna know when they will start enabling Facetime over LTE which i know they were Enabling on People iPhones; cause i know there was a petition sent to the FCC about this.

      We prob pay through the nose compared to US, I haven't seen what a 4G top plan looks like over there. But my plan is run through my business and equates roughly to a $120 a month standalone plan. It's a bit different as my businesses plan has some kind of talk/text overall usage plan, that gets shared between all the assoc accounts- I let the IT people worry about all that. I can say that it does have a defined 6gb data limit, which is stuff all 4G data- kind of renders 4G benefit useless for much other than basic phone stuff(you don't want to go tethering to a laptop and going nuts with d/ls). Facetime works no problem for us. I've tested it between iPhone 5 and iPad mini over LTE.